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Want To Understand Importance Of Sleep? Let’s Find Out The Consequences Of Sleep Deprivation

The simplest and easiest way to understand the importance of sleep is to find out what happens when you don’t get enough sleep. A person who, whether inadvertently or by design, gets enough sleep on a regular basis may just not realize the importance of sleep. On the other hand, somebody who is starved of sleep and who has experienced the consequences of not getting enough sleep will definitely appreciate the importance of sleep. So, let us read ahead for more information on the various problems and issues that arise when our body does not get enough sleep.


You become Dumber

Anybody who has pulled an all-nighter would have experienced that sensation of being slow, lethargic, and, more or less, totally dumb the day after. This is not just a matter of perception. Getting enough sleep is essential to keep our mind in top condition. A person who has not slept enough at night will experience deterioration in his or her cognitive skills.

Even ordinary tasks will seem like a big deal because your brain will operate sluggishly. Another reason why sleep deprivation makes you dumb is that our brain assimilates and consolidates our memories when our body is asleep. If you don’t sleep, then the things you have learned and understood through the day will not become a part of your memories. The end result—a dumber you.

You become Accident-Prone

Adequate sleep helps your body and mind relax, which will help you keep your reflexes sharp. Without enough sleep, coordinating your body and ensuring it follows your mental instructions properly will become a lot tougher. The end result—frequent accidents and mishaps.

If you sleep at ten and get up at six, try sleeping at four and getting up at eight. You will quickly discover that you end up in a lot more accidents and mishaps throughout the day. Of course, don’t take the risk of driving a vehicle in such a sleep deprived state. Small things like judging the height of a step or assessing the speed of an object thrown at you will become major tasks.

The importance of sleep can be understood from the fact that lack of sleep can result in painful and potentially-serious incidents.

You become Unhealthy

Sleep allows your body to repair the wear and tear that occurs throughout the day. Without enough sleep, your body will be forced to strain itself and delay the repair process. Just as running a machine without a break for a long period of time will result in inevitable repairs and even permanent damage, your body will become susceptible to ailments and illnesses when you don’t get enough sleep.

A week with very little sleep can easily lead to ailments like cold and cough, flu, or other irritating ailments. A low sleep lifestyle, if prolonged over a long period of time, can lead to dangerous conditions like blood pressure problems, diabetes, and other life-threatening issues.

You become an Addict

The human body is not designed to operate without sleep beyond a point. A superhuman effort where you don’t sleep at night and continue working the other day too is, more likely than not, an exceptional affair. On a routine basis, you will find it impossible to function without regular sleep.

If you force yourself to stay awake, then chances are high that you will need stimulants to achieve your goal of not sleeping. The problem with stimulants is that the effect of withdrawal will be significantly worse. So, if you consume caffeine to stave off sleep, you are going to feel even sleepier when the effect of the caffeine wears off.

This can set you on a very dangerous path where you can end up becoming addicted to stimulants. You can end up in a situation where your body cannot sleep unless you consume stimulants and face the withdrawal symptoms.

The importance of sleep can be understood or judged from the fact that a person who gets enough sleep stays healthy, lives longer, and is safer and smarter as compared to a person who does not get enough sleep. Now, the question you need to ask is whether avoiding sleep is worth the various risks and negative consequences involved.